Am I crazy or should we cancel

We always drive 8 hours to see my in laws the weekend before Christmas. They have only been to see us the weekend of our wedding.

2 weeks ago we wrapped the car around a tree due to ice. Got out, slipped and fell on the ice. Dr said I sprained my back which already has herniated disc issues and had been killing me even before the accident. The baby is fine though. So the last 2 weeks I can barely walk or sleep due to sciatica.

He still wants me to go, but I will be completely miserable and hurting so much more after 16 hours out of 60 in a car. Then there’s also the fear of all the accidents that could happen in 16 hours of driving. High speed, hard impact accidents that could be a bigger risk to our baby. I know ppl travel all the time but I work from home now and don’t need to leave the house much so it just seems like an unnecessary risk. We’ve lost 2 pregnancies already.

When I said all this to him he just said “you’ll be fine” and walked away. And the kicker is we probably only spend about 4 hours out of the 60 hour trip actually visiting with the family. Last time we visited for thanksgiving we had lunch w the family, and they had other plans for dinner so we ate at the mall food court alone 🙄


He listened to reason and didn’t make a big deal about me not going with him. He said I may have opened myself up to more FaceTiming and family visits that I may regret, but again given their 1 trip in his 15 years in this area I doubt it!

Thanks for the support, I’m glad it didn’t become a big argument between us. He’s been fairly patient with me not being able to lift laundry baskets, make dinner, take out the garbage so I wanted to do this for him if I could. It’s not worth the stress on him, me or the baby in the end!