I'm so exhausted


My baby is still eating every 2 hours, and she's almost 4 months. Her naps are usually 20-30mins too, which means I usually can't nap. By the time I'm finally falling asleep, she wakes up. (Sometimes I can get a 5-15 minute nap though).

And sure, she has one 5-6 hour sleep stretch at night, but by the time I'm able to go to bed, I only luck out on getting 2-3 hours of sleep, 4 if I'm really lucky.

On top of that sometimes she wakes up in the middle of the night, and I can't get her to fall asleep until 2 hours later. Sometimes she wakes up at 6am. I'm a single mom. I'm so exhausted. Everyday feels a little different bc it's hard to schedule her. I would starve or eat really crappy if it wasn't for my mom cooking or buying food for me (I can't seem to find much time). I'm so thankful for the help that I do get from my mom, but I wish I had more help in general. 😢

Does anyone have a similar baby?