He broke up with me

This might be a long post but i just need to vent.

The guy i have been seeing has just broke up with me and the main reason he broke up with me is because i left my job as a flight attendant. Mind you, me and him don’t live together or share any bills and I have another jobs lined up already. i left because i was only making 16,000 a year and it just wasn’t worth the many sacrifices the job came with to me. So he broke up with me because of that. he also told me that i wasn’t good enough sexually for him and he would always tell me that, which just destroyed my self esteem. ( i honestly think he might be a sex addict) although it never happened he would pressure me into threesomes and i just always felt like i was not good enough in that way. And i also felt like i was a secret to his family and friends.

I also pretty much put my life on hold for him because he worked off shore and was gone months at a time. Turning down men all the time, not going out, just being stupid now that i look back on it.

Even though it hurts, i’m glad that it’s over because i know i deserve better.