Is it possible?? Confused!?


So I posted this today..

So my partner and I had unprotected sex on Wednesday the 5th and everyday since and he has cummed in me each time, I am on the pill but rarely take it on time and the week before we had sex I missed a few pills because I was on Holisays without him and just kept forgetting, I've now been experiencing really light cramping in my lower abdomen, they feel way to light to be menstrual cramps and I can almost locate the cramps exactly, I've also been peeing more frequently,

Is there a high chance I'm pregnant?

I stopped taking my pill two days ago to see if I would bleed, and now I am, but I'm still wondering if I was pregnant would I still have a 'withdrawel' bleed from not having my pill, or does this mean I'm definitely not pregnant, im really confused

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