20 week ultrasound


This is more of a vent post but also a question to other mommas with ultrasound experience. I had my 20 week US today and the tech showed us the anatomy shot, though we already knew it was a boy. I asked her if she could snap that image and send it to me (they text images at the end of the appointment) and she told me “no, we don’t do that here”. Um, isn’t this an anatomy ultrasound?! Everyone here posts all those US images with the little arrow and I’m told I can’t have one. She ended up only sending me three similar pictures which I didn’t see until after we left the appointment. Wondering if I have access to all the other images? Maybe from my ob once she gets them? I already called imaging and left a message to request more of the images taken today. I’m just worried they’ll say no. I’m feeling pretty disappointed right now 😞