Baby Bumps/Bloat, Hiding during Holidays


So, I’m 5w/5w1d, and the only people that know I’m pregnant are my parents and my husband. We’re waiting until my first ultrasound at 8w5d to tell anyone else.

This is my third baby. My body already knows the drill for “move the muscles and the organs because there’s another living being here.” I’m 5’5” and about 125 lb when not pregnant. I usually show all belly- so right now I look 20-25 weeks pregnant because I have awesome luck.

Is there anyone else who is on their 2/3/4+ baby who is trying to keep themselves hidden for a while?! How are you hiding the “bump” (or bloat, whichever you call it) for family get togethers?! I’m struggling with ideas, and it’s gonna look really funny if I show up in my 6’1” husbands 3X hoodie. Help!