Frustrated is an understatement


So my lo just turned 6 weeks yesterday. Well as he got closer to getting to 6 weeks he started acting more and more hungry. I moved him to 3-4 oz (bottle fed, I’m trying to produce again so I can breastfeed him again). Anyways tonight he’s been super fussy and acts like he’s still very much hungry after I fed him a 3oz bottle. I don’t wanna overfeed him anymore than what I feel like I have. He’s not wanting to burp but he’s been somewhat gassy so I’m sure he’s fighting a tummy ache. Any suggestions to help him and a very exhausted momma get some sleep tonight? And if anyone has any suggestions to help with breastfeeding how to get milk supply going I’m completely open to that as well! And please not judgements I’m completely new to all this!