$1 Billion Dollars

Ashley • Dog mom🐾 miscarriage 4.30.18👼🏼 twins due early April💕👯‍♀️

So hubby and I are watching Marriage Bootcamp Reality Stars (these two little ones in growing got me watching all kinds of trashy TV😂) and a question came up that was “if someone gave you $1 billion would you cheat on your spouse?” We talked about it and both kind of agreed that yeah, we probably would. We also made the realization that we’re secure enough in our relationship to know that it’s not about the sex, but more along the fact that $1 billion is ALOT of money and we could do such amazing things for our little girls with that money.

So the question is, would you? Why or why not?

Bonus question: if you (and your spouse) day yes, would it still be considered cheating in your eyes?

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