Ok so on average my cycle is 28 days. I use the clear blue digital advanced OPK. According to the test I should start testing on day 8. So on the first day of testing the result read low. Then every day after that it says high (flashing smiley face). Yet no peak days yet. I’m nearing the 9th day of getting a “high day” and According to the instructions I should stop testing after 9 days of “high” for this cycle. The <a href="">glow app</a> has the feature where I can take a pic of the test strip to see the test line and control line. According to the test strips/lines it says I haven’t hit peak/ovulation yet. Usually I’m able to detect (not every month) a little bit of ovulation happening with my cm. This month is one of those months that I’m not able to detect it through the cm. I know this isn’t rocket science but I’m just trying to figure it all out and plan accordingly, but should I be worried? I mean me and my husband having only been trying for about a month.