Should I keep the baby?

So I’m 24 three months happily married with my 29 year old husband. I’ve just taken two tests and have found out I’m pregnant.

I’ve previously had three abortions before, 1 when I was 18 with someone I did not want to stay with and 2 with my now husband because I felt I wasn’t ready for children at the time.

My husband always expresses he wants children and gets so excited by the thought of them. Both times I got the abortion he didn’t want me too, but was supportive that I wasn’t ready. (Bless his soul)

So now I’m stuck, we’ve had a plan, that 2020 was the year, we’d build ourselves up financially, pay off debt, have a bigger house, build our careers ect.

So my feelings are so conflicted, I love my husband and can picture us having children, I love baby’s and love the idea of it all, but... I do not think we/I are 1- financially stable 2- I’m not sure I’m ready yet.

I’ve been working so hard at my career and am so close to where I want to be, I feel like staying on this path will diminish all I’ve worked hard for, and I know that if I decide to keep this baby it’ll be worth it but I’m also thinking I just want to accomplish what I’ve been working so hard for.

Also I fear we are not financially stable yet for a baby we live month to month and have so much debt/bills that I can’t see us being able to afford a baby.

I know he will say he wants to keep it but I’m looking for some outside insight that isn’t biased.