Is it too late to ask?

Ok so about 2 years ago, my at the time boyfriend (now husband) went out one night with his friend. They ended up at a strip club, which I have no problem with, the rule being he can't touch any of the girls. They came home at 4 am, when I was getting ready for work and he looked guilty as soon as I saw him. I found a receipt from the clubs atm and he had pulled out $300.

I was of course upset, there was also a porn star there that night and they had signed pictures from her. We talked about it and he apologized but said he barely remembered anything.

It just got brought up this weekend, and now I'm pregnant and hormonal and can't stop thinking about it. I've been to a strip club with him before, so I know what can happen there. This place is full nude and byob, so I can't help but wonder what exactly did he did that he spent $300.

Now, it has been a few years, we've gotten over it, we're now married and expecting. Is it too late to bring it up again and ask what happened? Should I just let it go? He's a great guy and always treats me right, he hasn't been back since then. I think my hormones are just making me wild and I don't want to seem crazy😖