Thinking about getting my tongue re-re-pierced

This would be the third time getting it pierced. The first time I wouldn’t count to much because the guy did a terrible job practically piercing the tip of my tongue. I have a short tongue but he definitely could have pierced it a little bit further back and if he couldn’t he should have just not done it. I took it out 30mins later. Couldn’t stand the location. Went back and got it re pieced a little over a week later. Lady did an amazing job but I took it out after a year and a half. I’m debating about getting it pierced again but just wondering if the healing and pain would be different this time. Everyone tells me it doesn’t hurt that much to get it pierced...well it hurt for me. Does re piercing it hurt even more and how does it effect the healing time?

Also my teeth aren’t perfectly straight. I’m wanting to get Invisalign in the next few months after I get it pierced. Would it look bad to have a piercing with crooked teeth?