Is my friend greedy or lacking common sense?

BoyMommy19 • Mommy to one beautiful baby boy born November 2019 💙

A close friend I've known for 3 years has been asking for a lot of favors from both my husband and I and we are happy to help. A month ago she had my husband help her move furniture from storage to her apartment because he is a big guy and has a truck. She used his help for about 2 weekends and 2 evenings during the weekday. She never offered him to put gas or anything but that's ok. She is our friend and we are doing a favor right. But lately I've been a little annoyed because last night she ask if she can barrow the truck again for about a week since her car has not passed inspection and she needs to fix it. Again, we said it's fine. I have a car and my husband has a work van so we don't really need the truck during the week. But what bothered me was that she asked us "does the truck have enough gas?".... I told her it has like 30 miles left and she looked a bit disappointed so I offered her money to put gas in it, and I guess she got embarrassed and said no it's ok. My husband was pissed because he was like we are nice enough to give her the truck for the week and yet she asks if there is enough gas for her. She would know how much gas it has when she turns on the truck. Another thing is over the years we'd go out to eat and my husband always took the check because she wouldn't bother to offer to pay her part ever. We are a financially struggling couple but my husband is too nice and embarrased to not pay for her. The crazy thing is that she would order expensive drinks and meals while I order water and something simple to keep the bill low. I always thought since she is ordering expensive stuff she will pay her own bill but never does. In November my husband and I found a house to rent and ever since she would come over almost every weekend because we enjoy each others company and friendship.. We feed her multiple meals and snacks throughout the afternoon and night and provide drinks all the time which is no issue for us since she is the guest but what bothers me is that she doesn't wash a glass or dish. She leaves it in the sink for me to wash lol. I guess it's not a problem for me but it's not fair because when I go to her apartment I always wash all the dishes in the sink. I get annoyed about things like this. Am I being stupid or is she a little greedy or just lacking ethics? What can I do to stop feeling this way?