25/26 weeks pregnant..

Selena • 25 ✨ God is everything ❤️

i’m on strict bedrest and since my mom doesn’t understand what that means and thinks i can just walk and not have to be laying down (i have a short cervix and i’m opening 2cm already which is why i HAVE to be on bed rest or i’ll go into premature labor) i also have a cerclage in so that’s why i have to take it very easy also. so yesterday i was starving, i wasn’t feeling well because it was late and when i don’t eat or drink my meds i feel horrible. so she made food and told me to get up and serve myself because she was going to eat and not help me. so i get up and try to do it slow, but fast because i don’t want to risk having my baby. i kid you not, i was up for not even 5 minutes and i get this horrible cramp under my belly button and hunch over in pain and gush of water soaks my undies. i run to the bed call my doctor and he tells me to go to labor and delivery. so i tell my mom and i’m in tears at this point because it hurts and because idk what’s going on (FTM) she says i can either drive myself or i can wait until she’s done eating because my sister and brother were visiting (they were gone at that point) and didn’t want to be bothered. so i call the doctor back and he says i HAVE to go in so eventually she takes me and well my cervix is shortening, i got a shot to make my baby’s lungs develop faster and stronger and i’m opening and closing so i’m terrified. i don’t want to have her this early. but the nurse let me go home and if i get that pain or if anything is off i’m going to have to stay in the hospital until i have her. please pray for me and my baby girl! i don’t want to even think about losing her 😞❤️