Why? Just why?

Why is it that my boyfriend gets to cheat more then once rather it’s just talking to a girl saying he wants to fuck to coming home to scratches on his back and him not knowing what it is? Why is it that when I was sick and needed to go to the ER he told me to get someone else to go with me? Why is it that he can play games all day and ignore me all day like it doesn’t hurt? Why is it that he keeps doing things that I don’t feel is respectful towards me when he keeps on liking these bitches pics and friending them but acts like IM wrong for even bringing it up? Why is it that when he had a job he told me I needed to get one to help out but his been out of a job for a month and not even trying and having to use my entire check on my bills and the apartment?

Why is it when I’m over and wanna be done with everything he wants to treat me like I matter? Why couldn’t he have done that when I was obsessed with him. I’m hurt. My interest is on someone else and I’m trying to get over him and work on my own relationship. But I can’t.