Think we broke up for good

So my man & I fight like every day because he is always too busy to text me and I am always to available, I get upset when he takes HOURS to reply because he is not at work & still can’t make 5 minutes to text me that he is busy but he misses me . He says I am needy and although I may be he literally texts me only “Good morning” I am doing this then gotta do that, go here & go there” “Goodnight” so lately I just accuse him of cheating on me. He always denies it but, also in my defense last year same time around he was pursuing other women we have been together for 3 years basically. & he barely changed like beginning of November so I started getting smart & what not . So anyway, I think we broke up today & I am usually balling my eyes out, but can someone explain to me why I’m not doing so today ? I love him but, I am tired of literally begging him for his time, affection & attention . I think if he hits me up I might take him back, but I am trying my hardest to not text him because I always do & he needs to learn I am the best thing that happened to him .