What do you guys think?


So I'm not sure if I'm in the wrong in this but I feel so upset about this. A guy I work with is close to my in-laws and they treat him like a son sometimes and I don't see him as family. He and his wife weren't going to have a baby for years but when they found out my husband and I were going to have a baby they decided to as well anyways I found out one day through a comment that they are naming their son Scot ( after my husband's dad and my husband's is father's eldest son) well when I asked what they were naming their kid they smiled at me and said Scot like it was supposed to bug me. It bothers me because they didn't even ask my husband or my brother in-law if it was okay to name their kid after his father. Like we were going to choose that name if our kid would have been a boy but they stole it. He isn't even family so like what the heck! And he goes around telling everyone he is my father in-laws oldest son when he isn't, my husband is. -.-