❤TTC #1🤰🏾❤

Dec 25 I started what I thought was my period but it only lasted 3-4 days. Today I had my husband pullover twice within 5 minutes apart because I had to pee soooo bad as if i've been holding it for hours. So we finally get to the restaurant with our family and I was super thirsty. My husband was like "babe, are you ok?" I said yes,I just don't know where this came from.... After leaving the restaurant I stopped by family dollar and got a family dollar brand test and instantly I got my 2 lines😍 I've been tracking for 3 months and praying for 5 years! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT*** As far as dieting goes I cute red meat completely, reduce intake on sugar, replaced starches with veggies, drink water with lemon slices, take 1 tbspn Raw apple cider vinegar, walk 30-40 3-4 times a week, ate salmon 2-3 times a week & avocado 1-2 times a week. I hope this help, good luck ladies!!!!!