Cannot breathe! Advice please.

Monixxx • Baby March 2019 ✨🧿 PCOS after baby and TTC 2.

Need advice ladies. I had my flu jab in October so I should be protected. And I’m now 31 weeks.

As soon as Xmas was over I was hit with a sore throat which has now developed into a cold. I cannot breath unless it’s through my mouth, I cannot sleep (hence why I’m typing this at 4:36am!) and I can’t keep water down.

My nose is painfully blocked. Eyes and cheeks and ears hurt so bad as well as my teeth. Never experienced anything like it.

Yesterday I ended up taking two 500mg paracetamol because I had a mild high temp.

I haven’t spoken to the doctor or midwife yet. Any advice? What shall I do?