Mentally drained


I am so drained. Took my first round of Clomid this month and was very hopeful. I ended up having one tiny brown spot when I wiped on Christmas night at 7dpo, and then some super light pink discharge one time when I wiped the next day. The 27th I had a bit more noticeable spotting but still not much, and then yesterday was the most noticeable but it was still just brown and not enough to require a pad. Today, I’ve had almost nothing. No cramps even, and I normally have pretty bad cramping. The first few days that I spotted I had some cramping, but It was a weird dull cramp. I posted a first response 2 days ago that I swore had a super faint line and the poll was about 50/50. Today I took an amazon strip and it was negative. My period still isn’t due for 3 days according to glow and I’m 11dpo. I am suppose to start Clomid again on Monday. I guess I will retest tomrow but Idk how the strip would have been negative today if I was pregnant. 😢