On to Femara Round 2


..or so it seems.

Had my beta checked yesterday (14 dpt, 12 or 13 dpo) and it came back negative. One of the nurses at my RE’s office that I’ve never worked with before called me and basically told me to call them once my cycle starts up so we can start again with a baseline U/S and new prescription... as if I have no chance and need to count myself out already (no period yet).

I just couldn’t help but breakdown in frustration knowing that my body had responded to Femara, that I took the trigger shot to ensure ovulation and perfectly timed intercourse (or so we thought) and it appears to not have worked. We literally did everything we could and it still wasn’t enough! We were lucky enough to get pregnant this year after our first try, but now 6 months into trying again after our miscarriage..still nothing. I hate sounding like a whining brat, but it’s so hard to stay patient throughout this process (especially when my sisters are able to perfectly time when they want to have a baby and boom, it works for them).

I’m so sorry for complaining when I know so many have been trying for longer. I worry that I’m not strong enough to keep getting negative results and this overwhelming feeling of failure will only grow worse :(

My saving grace is my husband who puts 0 pressure on this process. I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but all I keep telling myself is to focus (aka obsess) less about getting pregnant, and focus more on being the best wife I can.

I have to believe 2019 will be better than 2018!