So my christmas was crazy

I have 2 bio sons and 2 step sons and we are expecting another lil boy come March so I knew this christmas this momma was only getting stuff for lil man from family. Well things have been crazy up till christmas, me loosing my job back in October and my parents having to open their home to a friend of theirs... A week or two before christmas my mom called saying that their friends 4 year old would be staying with them for a bit and they would have temp custody till his mom sorted some stuff out but that his grandpa would have him on actual christmas so my parents could still spend time with my kids. A few days before i get a call, plans changed and this kid is coming with them. Alright fine im still happy as can be cus this is our first christmas morning since my oldest stepson was 2 that the kids would be with their dad first thing christmas morning. After tons of stress and last minute stuff my parents arrive with lil dude who is the most talkative kid ive ever met i don't think hes mouth shut for longer then 5 minutes the whole time. As im rushing to finish food but see all the kids open gifts i start having some light pain in my back causing me to worry about preterm labor as i was 30 weeks and with both my older boys at this point i had already been seen for preterm. I manage not to alert any other adults and got through that. As i make everyone's food i find out this kid basically wont eat anything i made (ham, home made mashed potatoes, stuffing and green bean casserole) but my parents try their hardest to get him to at least eat the ham. No luck there and now my 3 older kids are having a hard time eating cuz this kid is kicking them under the table and asking a thousand questions a minute. Tbh at this point im mentally done. I havent gotten a break from my kids in 5 or 6 months at least and i just kinda blame this kid cus my parents wont take my kids for a weekend when hes there. My husband and me had already been fighting about this and im pissed at the lil dudes mom for putting my parents in the situation. My hubby had to run food to his mom and grandparents and all of a sudden this kid drops the F bomb, my dad looses it and kid is put in time out while i have my boys play in their room. (I dont believe in punishing in front of others if i can help it cus to me it causes issues) my mom looks like she could sleep for a week and my dad looka ticked off. Hubby comes home to tense situation but everything relaxes pretty quick. My parents felt bad but we then had to wrap up our visit and i got a call a hour or so later saying this lil dude fell asleep on the way home and is now demanding a pbj and trying to stay up. I feek like shit for my parents cus its effecting their health and their relationship and i hate the fact now they dont have time to spend with their grandsons. This lil dudes mom is asking them to keep him till end of February knowing im due March 3rd and they are the only people i trust to watch my kids which i find selfish as hell when she couls just comw back and be around her kid. My parents have taken out loans to leave my state and go get him. Have fucked their diet needs cus lil dude only eats junk and is driving them up the walls. I know im selfish but i just want my parents back; i want my mommy daughter time of walking around the mall or something before baby is due. I want my kids to be able to visit with their nana and papa and maybe actually manage to have a night with my husband alone. Im so thankful my parents are amazing and helped with a double stroller and play yard and bassinet and moutains of clothes for lil baby but i also need them when hes due to be their for my older boys. Idk i just cant post about all this else were and this lil dudes mom calling my parents hers is fucking with me a bit especially seeing the postion shes putting them in