My baby is gone


January 7th 2010 I went into labor with my son Curtis when he was born he had Gastroskisis which is where your Intestines are on the outside of your stomach so he was born and Riley it took them a week before that is able to put back in his intestines and stomach we was at Riley for six weeks but when you first come out They took him in straight to the emergency room. When it was over a week before I actually got to hold him for the first time well he come home quicker than any baby that they could possibly ever imagine and he was so healthy and so beautiful And I thought I had the perfect family 2 1/2 years later me and my husband Curtis’s father split up and I lost control I screwed up and I got on drugs Curtis was In prison Curtis this is fathers name is also and CPS students that didn’t took it well with Curtis got out of prison CPS thought it was OK to give custody to hear a convicted felon registered sex offender Are u serious well for the first year and a half it was ok for lil Curtis then I heard his dad Curtis was back on drugs so we called cps and. We was informed that once they give a child back to repair it and less you call the hotline and make an emergency complaint and to do all jump through all these hoops they will not send CPS to the house well just you imagine my son got a hold of his fathers meth And overdosed and died at eight years old I so lost this happened June 21 2018 and I hate myself