Feeling down

This is a long story so please bare with me.

So my sister (15) is best friends with this amazing guy (also 15). They met in freshman year of high school and they are now sophomores. They are so close, tell eachother everything, all that. The guy has always like my sister as more than a friend, and we always knew it but he is respecting that she just wants to be friends. But, she is realizing that she is starting to actually fall in love with him (she already loved him as a friend and she is starting to love him romantically). They already basically act like a couple and all she would have to do is say the word and they would be saying (of course, they already act like a couple so the only change would be that they would hook up). She's so giddy with the thought and is really starting to fall for him.

Now, as happy as I am for her, it's making me feel really lonely. I'm 13. No guy has ever even told me he likes me. My friend group has 4 people, and the other 3 have all been asked out by guys. 2 of them have actually dated guys. But nobody has ever really even shown an interest in me. One of my friends in my friend group is bisexual, and she had a serious crush on me for like 3 months. That was the only person who ever had a crush on me.

I just feel like nobody will ever like me, and I will never get a boyfriend. I know I am only 13, but next year I will be a freshman in high school and most people at my school start dating anywhere from 6th grade to 10th grade.

I don't really have any guy friends, only one, and aside from my friend group, I don't have too many other friends. I get along with everyone but that's it. I just feel like nobody will ever ask me out, and I really want a boyfriend.

Does anyone else feel like this? Sorry for the long post. Love to you all!