Severe toothache


Been having the worst toothache and I don’t know what to do, I really want to get it fixed but most dental offices don’t work on teeth right away and ibuprofen just ain’t working. Am I able to go in to the ER for this type of thing?


I went to the emergency, they gave me antibiotics and morphine. The morphine didn’t help either. I finally went to the dentist yesterday thinking is was gonna get my tooth pulled but she only drilled into the tooth, put some medicine in it then put filling in it. I have to go back in about two weeks for a root canal. The pain is still there after the numbing went away and she didn’t put the filling in the tooth low enough so now I cannot close my jaw to chew. It hurts when I close my jaw and when I talk. I’m considering just going to the dentist tomorrow and getting the tooth pulled but I am not sure yet.