So confusing


I am literally 3 days late for my period last one was long due to having fluid on the uterus and tiny cysts on the ovary canal but I was on medication to get rid of them I had a scan when I finished all my antibiotics and the scan said the fluid had gone and also the cysts had gone too and I asked about if i would end up infertile after all this happening and knowing id had the fluid on the uterus for quite a while and she said no your hormones are working perfectly well plus this wouldn't leave me infertile anyway but anyway I ovulated straight after finishing my long period I had it was a big flush out for the body and now I am literally 3 days late and 2 negatives I don't get what my body is doing it's very confusing I have not had AF show up at all or no signs of her coming I've just had period like cramps on and off for a whole week now and lower back cramps too and round ligament pain on both hips I've felt sick but not been sick I've had headaches I've been feeling very tired appetit as been like a rollercoaster I've peed more than often I've been so restless at night with this ligament hip pain help someone please