*NURSERY* 🤰🏼less than a month until due date!

Kayleigh • Oaklyn Jean 1/28/19 💓 Wife to Mike 💍👨‍👩‍👧 Fur Mommy to Rudy and Kiya 🐶

I’m due January 29th, but I KNOW I’ll go late. Which I am totally fine with, I love being pregnant. I haven’t been very motivated to get baby things done because I feel like I have so much time. Figured I would put some of the final touches on her room last night though. Her name will be in the flowers above her bed, but we don’t want anyone knowing the name so it’s hidden for now. ☺️ I’ve never been a fan of super pink and in your face girls rooms, the paint was exactly what I pictured and took me 4 hours to pick out at the store. 😂

I’m beginning to regret choosing the smallest room, but I love how it has turned out. Storage will be the big issue I think. Hopefully we can get creative!