In-laws can kiss my ass.

We have a nine month old baby so let me give the run down before I tell you the issue. My husband and I welcomed our son in March 2018. My mother in law has came over to our place like 3 times since he was born. I would always take the baby by her house whenever my husband folks would want to see the baby. When the baby was 6 months I broke my pelvic bone and my dad stepped up and kept our son for 2 months while I was wheelchair bound. My husband couldn’t since he’s only home 10 days a month and would get the baby on his off days when he came back home so the baby could be with us. During this time, not once did my in-laws offered to watch the baby. Nor did any of them call to check on me much less see if I needed anything off the top shelf of my pantry. I get released by my dr last month and my youngest sister in law tells her sister to tell my husband that I don’t respond to calls or texts. I tell him that’s a lie and provide screenshots and let him know no one from his side of the family has reached out. He ask his sister for screenshots and of course she can’t provide because she has “deleted” both her text and call log. She lied and said she was calling and texting me when she wasn’t and I didn’t even have my child during the time she said she was reaching out. She lied because she just had a baby and wanted her child to have all the attention which is fine by me since my child lacks for none of that. Our son is the first grandchild on his side of the family and the sister acted like she felt some type of way about that from day one...another story. My mother in law has reached out only once for me to bring the baby over. She would have one of her daughters to reach out and ask. Fast forward, his mother sent a text thanking me for the Christmas gifts on Thursday. Friday, his older sister sends a text saying she in town and want to see the baby and how her grandmother is in town too. Remember the mother didn’t mention in her thank you text that the grandmother will be in town plus I already made plans. Long story short, before my injury I would stop whatever I was doing or had planned for them. Now, I tell them they can come to where we are and all hell has broke loose because I’m not going out my way to take the baby to them. They called my husband like he’s suppose to make me change my mind and he begging me to take the baby over there and I asked him “ why they can’t come to me”. He says they want the baby to come over there. But where were y’all to get the baby or see him when I was wheelchair bound. Now that I’m back mobile they expect me to be how I was before “Hell no”. You see people’s true colors in those type of situations. So since they we’re like fuck me then fuck them.