All about me

Eva β€’

This is my 3rd pregnancy. My first, my husband left and my dad was dying of ALS so I moved home to help my mom care for him.

My second my mom was dying of cancer and I am the only child (the youngest) living near her so I moved in with her with my family and cared for her and worked with hospice to keep her comfortable till she passed.

This is my 3rd (I am due the day after my moms birthday 😍) and everyone in my family is healthy! I am so excited to finally have a pregnancy that I get to focus on me and my family and kids. No stress of caring for terminally sick family members. Nothing extra but our everyday life.

Anyone else totally looking forward to focusing on nothing else but their immediate family and growing baby? It is such a freeing feeling and even though I am tired and slightly nauseous, I am loving it. Loving that I don’t have to push myself every single day and ignore the pregnancy symptoms because there are other more pressing things that need my attention.

Good luck to all of us September mamas! 🀞🏻 for healthy and happy pregnancies and babies!

**there was no reason for this post except to say how insanely happy I am! Yay for pregnancy randomness πŸ˜†πŸ˜†