Christmas baby

My son was born at 12:16 on Christmas Day! He was born early at 34 weeks 2 days. I woke up with contractions at 7:30 waited it out awhile because I had been having pretty painful Braxton-Hicks the couple days before then I started bleeding quite a bit at around 10 and my contractions were getting closer together and a lot more painful so I called my family birth center they said to come in to check my Cervix because of the bleeding and my ob hadn’t yet. I woke up my Boyfriend and daughter to open Santa gifts really fast Incase I was in labor, I got to the hospital at around 11:40 my contractions were still about 6 minutes apart. They did my vitals etc. finally checked my cervix at about 12 and I was 8 cm and 100% effaced, I was dehydrated so they had a hard time doing my IV it felt like it took forever! by the time they got my in the room I’d give birth in I was ready to push so no epidural for me. Once I started trying to push they told me to stop, and my water exploded hit a few nurses in the face, my boyfriend almost got hit and he was the furthest away it was pretty gross lol but I had my eyes closed most of the time lol. Once they said it was time to push one long push and he was out😩 my beautiful son was 4 pounds 11 oz❣️ his face was a little bruised from how fast he came out but was breathing on his own right away, had to have a feeding tube and a little time under the lights for jaundice but is now out of the lights! Just need him to take more out of the bottle instead of his tube and he will be home🥰