Cramps around ovulation

Brianna • TTC our Rainbow 🌈

So my husband and I are trying again after a loss in October. We’ve been trying but this is the first time I’ve actively tracked my ovulation and planned and what not.

Long story short I believe I ovulated on CD 12 and we had sex on CD 5,7,10,and 11. The night of CD 11 I was cramping after sex and I’ve been cramping for a few days. I’m now on CD 14.

I’m hoping to get pregnant. What is all this cramping? I heard some women saying they can tell when an egg is fertilized as crazy as it sounds. First time we conceived I wasn’t planning so I wasn’t watching out for signs, but since cramping I figured the first day was probably ovulation. Now I don’t know as I’ve been cramping for 3 days!