Update on my life❤


This was at 12 wks, 4 days... I'm 13 wks, 1 day today! Definitely noticing changes in my hormones but, so far, I'm loving this pregnant life! I've already cheated and bought a plushy panda from Walmart the other day. 😂 The ears crunch and the tummy has a rattle inside. I'm anxiously waiting until the day I can't finally find out the gender so I can start shopping officially. I'm praying for a girl but no matter what it is, I'll love him/her forever. The technician who took this sonogram tried to see if she could see anything and she said that she may have seen a little dingy😂😂 but they look like that for a few more weeks. She was such a sweetheart tho ❤ I'm so in love. My mom is super excited! She's already started putting stuff on layaway for the baby 😂 but I love seeing her happy.