Ok so tonight I put the kids to sleep. My husband wanted to have sex. I wasn’t in the mood. My husband is the type to take control sexually in a playful way. Which I’m use to and comfortable with. Just not tonight because I barely got any rest today. Anyways we were having sex and I kept telling him I’m not in the mood. So I wasn’t enjoying as much as he did. Then in the middle of our sexual intercourse I asked him to put on a condom because 2017 we had a baby and wen he turnt 5 months I was pregnant again. My second son is almost 5 months and u get the picture I’m not trying to have another baby. Financially we aren’t ready and me emotionally I’m not ready. I love my kids but having another one will send me into depression. So anyways my husband selfishly didn’t listen and finished in me🙄🤬 I feel like fighting him so bad. Should I feel mad or am I just being selfish. My reason is because we can’t afford another child. 2 is already enough to handle financially😡 comment please