Hi, I'm 18 and I have gallstones. (I'm not overweight and I really dont eat that much so I dont know why I have it.) But do any of you have ways to make the pain go away when you have gallbladder attacks? My gallbladder isn't infected and I doubt there gonna try and do surgery on me because I'm so young. I just want to know some tricks to make the pain go away fast, thank you.


I've been in the er for hours and they finally contacted surgery, let's pray they just remove my gallbladder.

If anyone has diet tips after the surgery that would be nice. Thank you everyone!

Update #2

I had the surgery, the night before I was throwing up, to the point it was just bile. We went in, we had the surgery squedualed already, but I'm pretty sure it became infected over the night. I feel a lot better, well besides being sore, but I still feel a lot better. I also had my boyfriend there, he went out and got me applesauce while I was in surgery. And hes watching shows with me and helping me feel better 😊