1/1 - CD 29 - 15 DPO 😔


Happy new year, Kristin. Here a solid punch in the gut.

Yesterday must’ve been too good to be true. Huge temp this morning. Yesterday there was a line, and today it seems more faint but still there. Hard to get a good picture. They say that hcg doubles every 48 hours, and it hasn’t even been 24 but that’s a huge drop. I don’t think people get dips late in their cycle like this and still end up pregnant. I even took my temp twice because I was like nooooo, this can’t be 🥺

I’ve heard some people’s FMU not being as good as other parts of the day but I feel like that’s a stretch..

Not feeling positive at all. I have a cramps and I think I should just assume the witch is on her way.