Should I tell my baby daddy when my induction date is?

So me and my child’s father were never in a serious relationship. We met online and I later discovered that he had a gf and a baby on the way (after I was pregnant already 😑) and it is just been lies from him and poor decisions on both parts.

Anyways I haven’t spoken to him since the end of nov in regards to a DNA test he brought up then (told his gf the situation, she doesn’t seem to mind that he cheated anyway) so this was a result of me messaging her and haven’t heard from him/ spoken to him since.

I’m getting induced on Friday because I’m pregnant with twins.... and I was wondering when and if I should tell him that I’m going into labour on Friday from now? Or wait until some point on Friday cause induction takes long? Or after the babies are here?

I’m really torn and each option as pros/cons but I wanted to at least give him a chance and do my part.

He asked when I was going to the hospital before I had upset him by telling his gf so I think there might have been a chance he wanted to be there. He lives about an 1 hour away from the hospital and not sure about his transportation so that’s part of the reason why I’m not sure when to tell him.


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