Fed up and so upset ☹️

Absolutely fed up now seeing af show all the time and no bfp😩!! Been trying for a whole year and nothing. I so thought I had a chance last month I had a strong positive opk, bedded loads and still wasn’t enough. I am also a year off the combined contraceptive pill, my cycle didn’t come back until August I went 7 and a half months without a period. I’ve been having a 35/36 day cycle since it’s came back. Last month was my 5th cycle now going on 6th this month.. I honestly feel like there is something wrong with me like I can’t fall pregnant! I really hope that from being on the pill hasn’t messed my body up. I was on it for 4 years in total. Should I get myself checked over? Any advice would be great. Sorry for the long rant 🤦‍♀️