So I’m freaking out...vffl or evap?

Taylor • Hi my names Taylor and my husbands name is Kyle, we’ve been together 11 years now and just recently married. I want to be a mom more than anything. I love country music and I'm a pretty easy person to get along with unless you piss me off. Been ttc for ab

So I am currently 6 dpo according to glow. I took Clomid this cycle so I can ovulate any where between 7-10 days after my last Clomid pill which was on December 18th. So I could be more than 6 dpo. I tested this morning around 9:30 and it looked negative at the 3 minute mark. Then just 10 minutes ago I looked again(I know that’s bad right?) What you think ladies?!? It’s probably an evap right?? I really don’t wanna get my hopes up bc it could be an evap.

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