Bit of a long post just need some support


I met my partner 8 years ago, we tried for 3/4 years and our beautiful boy was born healthy happy and now nearly 5

This time we’ve been trying for 4 years and finally got a positive in October, but that was followed by weeks of bleeding for them to tell me baby was fine and we saw a heartbeat a week later on the 10th of November they told us we had had a mmc I should of been 12 weeks and on the 15th we had the D&C. It was heartbreaking, I’ve never known anyone have a miscarriage before and it’s awful.

Today is 7 weeks post op we did try straight again but got a negative test yesterday and today and still no period so calling the doctors today to take the tablets to bring it on.

I have had PCOS and a few other health issues for ten years and it’s caused me so many problems, we said once I hit 30 I will have my overies removed to stop the issues

Now I only have 2 years to reach that point and I just feel like it’s never going to happen.

Anyone have any good ttc tips that aren’t the normal chart ovulation etc

Thank you for listening