Cheating and taking care of another woman’s child🤔🙄

So a little back ground on my current relationship and myself.. I met him when I was 17 and he was 24 thru my friend at a party. Immediately he was trying to get to know me.. attempting to get my number, social media forms, but I was NOT 🙅🏽‍♀️with it.. any way I gave in the benefit of the doubt in June 2017 and since then we have been together.I’m now 19 and he’s 26...going on 2 years..

before I start I want to warn y’all I’m aware that I should have done things differently and better myself but some things aren’t that easy.. going into the relationship I was blind to a lot of things he did. At the beginning I didn’t notice the way he truly was and it didn’t hit me until I found out he was cheating on me. Y’all I’m talking about cheating with girls I used to consider friends, strippers, random girls From social media.

Countless times I stressed to him how I felt and he never showed any feelings or ever thought to take into consideration how much he hurt me. From dropping me off to work and going to meet up with woman, leaving me asleep in our bed to have breakfast with his ex after I worked my ass off to provide... but this one is the icing on the fucking cake because this one bitch I can’t stand her.. why you ask let me fill you in on my growing anger too the point where I feel unsafe with myself for how calm I’ve been. His ex has 3 kids one of which is a little girl (not his child ) I found out he was texting her she would call him all times of the day well one night he was out drunk passed out and I just got home from work at 5 in the morning I was already pissed because he fell asleep so I had to spend what I couldn’t afford to get home.. anyway I walk in the room and I just got this gut feeling something told me look at his phone.. so I did and the things I seen and read broke me basically she begging him to have a baby this year (early 2018) and always texting him asking if he was coming back over that’s when it clicks for me those late nights he was out with friends and had me up 6am worried because he wouldn’t answer his phone he was at her house having sex with her while he left me and his child alone... never has the time to listen to us nothing of that nature we’ll missy decides to start playing on my phone how she got my number 🤷🏽‍♀️ only god know I guess cause he played dumb.. she went as far as to getting a job where I worked so she can be petty... fast forward too to later in 2018 she called his phone one morning it was my only day off and I was also a full time student I woke up expecting to spend time with my man and my step son.. like planned... she asks if he can babysit her daughter now this is where I need to know. If I’m wrong or not.. he proceeds to ask me ‘baby you okay if I babysit her’ I said no because you told me you stop talking to her one... two her being petty and disrespectful towards me she calls you of all people to get her kid when she got her people to watch her kid so he says okay and he leaves... guess who he shows up with once he returns her fucking child.. don’t get me wrong I love kids but that pushed i felt disrespected and like he couldn’t care less if I had a say. The day was a disaster the entire time she was crying for him cause of course he left me his son and mother there to tend after her and I was not having it and I snapped after all that died down I thought that was the end of it but no 2019 and he still texting her telling her he’s not trying to hurt her give her ride and. Money... I’m not working right now but let me ask him to take me somewhere or too even give me 5 dollars it’s a problem.. I love this man so much it hurts I’m so lost and upset I can’t even live my life and enjoy my teen years coming up towards an adult😔 I know things will only get worst and it’s just hitting me more because I got off work for him to ditch me while I was in the shower to get cigarettes just across from our Apts to going to drink with buddies now he’s not answering his phone and I’m just over it. I stand trying to fix and mend what forever broken. Deep

Down I really hate the fact I gave all my love a trust to man whom which I opened up to just to be abused verbally and physically along with getting cheated on.. I’m young and have whole life ahead but I just seems so hard to let go such a major part of my heart not only did I bond to him I bonded with his son and the times I left to my moms for a while it hurt me to leave my step son because his father rather out his interest into another mans blood than his own blood and spouse

I just want to share my hurt and pain and maybe be a eye opener for others. This is only a piece of the pain he’s caused me and he brought in the new year kissing another woman’s ass while me and his son have to beg and fight and always “hold on” for his ATTENTION