IUD removal Period 2days after removal??



I got my period. December 7th it lastes about 8 days i was having my period regular every month for 10 days, so i got my iud removed on December 27th i was party naked on the 27 & 28 and December 30th i got a period i guess it is it just end up yesterday Jan 2nd so last night i had sex again without protection but the weird thing about this is that i usually get tender boobs 10 days before having my period, but if that was my period on the 30th why does my boobs still hurt like crazy they even hurt without touching them they feel like burning on the inside is insane i'll guess i wait until the 7th to see if i get a period again? If not wait till the 30th and see if that was my actual period? If not test next month??? What can I Do? Any of you experienced the same thing after IUD removal??