Who can relate

Veronica • George Alek Jr 4/08/17💙 Layla Jae 8/16/2018💜 Currently pregnant due in November

Living with my mom but im the one thats so ready to move. We did this to help with bills and help her fix up her place but she analyzes everything,thinks my toddler is so messy,and just from her body language i can tell she doesnt want to be around him. Then twice i left my baby girl and son in her care and she would start drinking while my husband and i just went really quick to the store not even gone for 2 hours at a time..i called her out on that she denied it at first then said sorry..but still she doing so many lil things to make me mad..she knows we moving and i had told her in the summer but it might be sooner..my son wanted to sit with her and i saw her make a face ..so i gave her the baby sat with my son and all he wanted was a hug🤦‍♀️we lost my dad in 2013 to cancer but i never thought my mom would be this rude to my kids when my dad wouldve had both my kids on his lap giving snacks to my son while making the baby laugh lol

Can anyone else relate,like you tried to help a parent out just for it to backfire..i appreciate the help she does give us but theres a line too..dont be mean to my kids...