Prince James of Colendula Part 1


Macy was laying down on her bed, clueless and confused. She had just found out that her sweet and handsome boyfriend of 6 months was rich and famous, and born into money. To top it all off, he’s going to be ruling a country that she’s never heard of, as a freaking King someday.

He did have an accent... not enough to say he was from a different country. Well. At least for now, he’s just the first in line. Adding to the lost feeling, she’s not able to go outside her apartment, there are people standing outside with cameras. Lots of them. She walked over to the window and moved the curtain just an inch to see if they were still there. Yep. Around a dozen men standing outside with their finger on the clicker to snap a shot in a moment’s notice. She let out a sigh.

A black car with a colorful flag up front came around the corner at top speed. All the media eyes trailed towards it and the flashing began. The car stopped right in front of Macy’s apartment building. A man hurried out of the car and opened the back door.

The prince, dressed in a black expensive looking suit got out and walked towards the building. Of course he can come in, Macy had just given him a key a couple weeks ago when they were starting to enjoy each other’s company a little bit more often. A key had given them the opportunity for an element of surprise. It started to dawn on Macy. The rose petals and the expensive looking bottle of champagne and the expensive looking chocolates. She never thought they were actually expensive!

There was a hastened but soft knock on the door. “Macy... May I come in?” the apologetic voice of Prince James followed. Macy, letting out a deep sigh, and knowing this could lead to an argument, walked to the door. She hated arguments. The TV was playing in the living room. She glanced at the picture of him on the tv screen and opened the door.

“Oh Macy, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean for you to find out this way...”

She has never seen him in a black suit and black tie. For a moment there, she was glad he hadn’t known about her weakness for men in suits.

He stepped inside and reached for her hand looking for the slightest bit of comfort to know that she hasn’t completely locked him out of her life. Deep inside, he knew that he’d loved every second he spent with her in the last 6 months. He knew that he couldn’t bear to see her this way.

“When were you gonna tell me” Macy’s voice had a note of sadness with a hint of anger.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to avoid the fiasco downstairs for a few more days” Macy walked back to the couch and picked up the remote. “My Facebook pictures are all over the news James“ she exclaimed. “I know I’m so sorry. I didn’t want this. I don’t even know how they found out.”

“You could have told ME”

“I know, I didn’t know if you were going to leave me for this or not. I couldn’t give up what we had, I’m so sorry” The expression on his face sent tingles down Macy’s back. He took a step closer and held her hand. He was warm and soft against her cold hands.

“Well what do you think is going to happen now”

The grip tightened just a little sending sparks of electricity up her arms. She glanced over at his beautifully tailored collar and black tie. It lays there, perfectly showing the curve of his chest, not a single wrinkle. Perfectly ironed. She sat down on the couch feeling her knees a little woozy.

“Uhh this tie..” she heard her voice, crackling up, almost breaking into a moan.

“I don’t know” he said, his face a deep shade of pink, sitting down beside her, knees touching hers.

She felt the strange sensation of butterflies in the stomach but feeling a little tingly aroused at the same time.

Seeing that she wasn’t looking as angry as she was a minute ago, he reached around her lower back and gently pulled her in for a hug. She leaned in getting more and more tingly up her thighs. The feeling of his gentle arms right around her back rushed back memories of the last 5 months of intense, back arching, toe curling orgasms that left her knees shaking for what felt like ages. She closed her eyes and pictured his strong arms holding her tight as he slid in and out with force. She felt the strong need to fill her throbbing vagina. It was too good, she wants more. Can’t forget the best orgasms of her life for a few lies that he said to protect her.

She opened her eyes to find his beautiful green eyes inches away from hers, looking deep into her body. She met his gaze, resting her forehead on his. She could see his perfect black suit on a white shirt and black tie through the bottom of her view, his broad shoulders reaching around her.

His lips found hers and she leaned in, moving her hips around his arms to calm the throbbing. She felt his tongue reach hers and fight with increasing passion. Her heart beat faster, faster than the throbbing. Moving her hips to comfort the pulsating thighs, she felt his bulge growing each time his tongue fought hers.

She suddenly realized she had moved her hips so much that she was almost on him. She felt his hands reaching her lower, pulsating back and gently pull her closer to him. She gave in, getting herself pulled on his lap. Memories and feelings of his large penis filling her hitting the large of her vagina came rushing back and she couldn’t wait any longer.

She pulled away from his soft lips and took a glance at his suit. He leaned in and kissed her again, no hesitation with the tongue fighting. She reached around his bulge and squeezed gently making him moan. Reaching around for a belt, she started working her way through, still fighting his tongue and biting his soft lips.

His big hands quickly found the end of her T-shirt and started tugging to pull it out, exposing her tight breasts. Her heart racing with the increasing need to fill her throbbing wet vagina, she managed to undo his pants and release his bulge. Still fighting him with her tongue she started to stroke him as he found her pants.

In a moment, they both lie on the couch, their skin touching, needing comfort. She started stroking with haste, as much haste as her tongue. His big soft hand cupped her breast as the other hand reached around her curvy cheeks and found her wet thong. Two fingers slid in making her moan with pleasure as she stroked and fought with more speed. Her hips took his large fingers in and out as deep as they would go. He curled his fingers reaching her spot while his thumb rubbed the wet outside.

Further up, he gently squeezed her breast sending her into a loud moan. She pulled away from the fighting kiss and leaned back with her eyes closed with pleasure, diving in and out his curling fingers. She stoked him harder and harder making him moan her name as he sucked her nipples. She was so close to an amazing toe curling orgasm when he pulled his hand out. She literally felt her heard racing. What?! “Omg”