Self esteem

Alicia • 19/Michigan/ taken by a lovely man 💙

So the first thing I’m gonna tell you goes along with this. My dad hasn’t really been in my life, he barely called me when I didn’t have a phone and then when I got one he called even less. Every time I visited he treated me like crap and talked crap about my family. He apparently was abusive to my step mom and threatened to smack my step sister. He isn’t a good person, he’s ugly inside and out. And now usually I don’t look at someone and say “damn they ugly” but when you hate someone it’s easy to do that. I have his chin and nose, and I seriously hate it. Sometimes I feel so cute and other times it’s like my face totally changes and I look like him and I just hate myself. I’ve thought about getting plastic surgery on my chin and nose. I hate it that much, idk what to do. I don’t want to look like him

Here’s me for context