Very confused


So this GIF perfectly describes what’s been going through my head lol

This is my glow charting

Today I finally had spotting this morning so I was like alright 🤷🏽‍♀️ Guess I was just imagining things, here comes my period. We were slightly disappointed but we let it go with a, “hey maybe this isn’t the time”. Now I’m not sure. Same light cramping I’ve been experiencing. The blood started off brownish, and looked old this morning after I showered. But I put on a pad like whatever it has to be coming, I knew I was crazy lol but now the whole day has went by and the pad wasn’t filled like usual and there were no tiny clots. It all came out looking brown like it was old blood. I read that this could be because your wall sheds when the egg attached to the uterine wall. I don’t know what to think 🤔 When should I test again? My tests came back negative so far and I’m 12 days late unless this turns into an actual period. This isn’t anything like my period. I’ve been tired, noticeably bigger appetite, light cramping on and off, bloated, very gassy, etc. I’m not sure why it took so long to show bleeding from implantation when I read it usually comes before your period but hey 😂

Oh and she won’t leave me alone now lol