Whoops! My boyfriend went from anal to vag


Pretty self explanatory but the breakdown is we had been drinking (a lot) and decided to have sex and all was going fine. He decided he wanted to switch to anal, which I'm 100% down with, but after a little bit he accidentally put it back in my vagina. Yay. We both know this is a nono, but being inebriated we didn't care enough to stop. This happened at least 3 more times.

My dilemma is that I recently had an abortion.

--Yes, I know some of you don't agree, but I deemed it necessary and if it bothers you, move on. I already know what you have to say.--

I've passed my "healing period" that the doctor recommended I not have sex during, but I'm worried there might be heavy consequences. I got up early to clean up (we just passed out somewhere in the early hours of the morning) and used a douche to try and flush out any fecal germs but I know that isnt completely effective.

What can I do to help prevent infection? I've never had this happen before because I've always been so careful, and I've heard so many horror stories.

Trying not to freak out and ignore my hangover.

Please help ;^;