First time in lingerie

Cassie 🍩 • Wife of 15 years💍. Mama of 5 with a loss, and my last and final little born 04/18 👶🏻. Occupational Therapist. Far from perfect, but serve a perfect God 🙌🏽.

My husband and I had our 6th baby 8 months ago. Although I was back in a bikini at 2 months PP, I still haven’t felt “sexy” in a long time and our sex life has been mediocre because of it. I also lost a lot of weight since 2 months PP too (which also makes me insecure as I felt sexier with a little more meat on me). I bought a bunch of new lingerie since my old stuff is too loose on me and tried it on. What’s your honest opinion? I’m thinking of wearing this one next weekend. I’ll insert my bikini photo from 2 months PP and the lingerie from today.