Am i crazy vvfl???

Been trying 3years...On my 4th cycle of <a href="">iui</a>. Dec. 24th i had only one follicle measuring 29mm got trigger shot that day.Dec. 25th ultrasound which showed follicle still there did 1st <a href="">iui</a>. Dec. 26 went back for second <a href="">iui</a>. Making today 11dpo/<a href="">iui</a> I have been so calm this TWW but today i felt i needed to test i know its early... im i going crazy is there a faint line??? I have been sooo tired lately, headaches, sore boobs and tender nipples off and on, and crazy weird dreams. Please tell me if im crazy!

***All 3 same test different pics...taken within the time frame***

Will be retested with pink dye test in a few days...