I'm all shook up!!!!


Well tomorrow us my 2st official ultrasound with my OB office. I had a private scan done on Thursday last week my little bean was measuring 5 weeks 5 days right on the money. Exactly what me and my ob calculated. Can i say I luv that man. Lol. Well I had an ultrasound Sunday due to me having a gush of blood after bending over and was scared, a nervous wreck. Well everything looked awesome baby heart rate was good and measuring right on point at 6 weeks 1 day hcg blood levels was at 7700. Just cant wait to c my little bean again because at the hospital u know they stone wall u and let u know nothing or see anything so. I'll be 6 weeks 3 days hopefully it will calm my nerves. No lie this pregnancy has been the far most nerve wrecking all ready. My 1st one didn't know I was pregnant I labored for 15 hours thought I had a bad stomach ache gave birth at home at the age of 18 to a beautiful healthy baby boy weighing 6 lbs 4 oz. My second birth 3 years later I found out at 20 weeks my daughter had a very complex heart defect and had to be induced at 38 weeks at 6 lbs 5 oz then she was in out the hospital until she was 6 weeks end up going get open heart surgery. But she is 4 now and cant even tell besides the scar. My third pregnancy I was brutally raped at 8 weeks pregnant and I had just went to the hospital with a threatened miscarriage and also when it was time to deliver I had to have an emergency c section because her cord was wrapped around her neckshe was a beautiful healthy 7 pound 8 oz beauty. She Is 3 now. My 4th pregnancy everything was going good no nausea or vomiting didn't even feel pregnant had tons of energy then found out at 12 weeks or so I had a partial placenta previa almost died in the or my blood pressure bottomed out I was in pain at one point I felt I died it was a very peaceful feeling almost like floating no pain no fear just peace. When I came back too they told me they were waiting on blood everyone including my family was freaking out. But she was a healthy 5 lbs 4 oz baby girl. But this pregnancy my nerves are through the roof the bleeding cramping and not knowing very much is killing me. U guys wish me luck. Because with my luck anything can happen.