He tried to record me

You read that right.

I’ll be honest about my past. I’ve made a sex video live. I’ve been a cam girl for a short period a few years back. I don’t mind taking sexy photos of myself that make me feel good about my bigger body for mine and my significant other’s eyes.

But for god sake! Just ask. Don’t be sneaky!

He asked me to give him head. No hesitation. He asks I’ll happily do. Hell, I even let him cum in my mouth and I cleaned him up. And you know what? Because it was him, I didn’t mind doing it. He’s hinted. I’ve said no. But the moment was right.

Yet...he picked up his phone and got ready to record me. I caught him. I questioned him. Just ask. That’s all I told him. If you’re gonna record me giving you head, you’re obviously wanting it to go back to when I’m not around. It’s flattering to know he wanted to. Makes me feel better about my body and his attraction to me. But just ask!!! I wanna get my good angles 😂